Battle News- May 11, 2017

Battle News- May 11, 2017


1. On 11 May 2017, the Burma Army has ceaselessly carried out mortars and artillery shelling towards our posts in Hone-ai region like the same as past days beginning at 7 AM.

2. Although the Burma Army had not launched ground combats in the past days, today they have restarted launching offensive attacks in the ground combat.

3. Therefore, as today battles have intensified, from the Burma Army’s preparation for military attacks it can be seen that there is a sign of possible heavy attacks soon to burn the flame of civil war again.

4. In addition, due to the Burma Army is continuously sending more troops, weapons and artillery with large military exercises, the tide of fighting can continue to be raised that the Burma Army is about to launch their offensive attacks within a short time.

5. As clashes are breaking out because of such daily offensive attacks from the Burma Army, we have no choice but defend ourselves against the Burma Army that has intruded our territories.

6. While times of battles are rising, there are also soaring lots of dead, wounded and deserters from the side of the Burma Army. From our side, some soldiers made sacrifices for their people’s liberation struggle and some got injuries. In present day, both sides have got more fallen and wounded soldiers.

7. Military equipment and munitions in the photo are from the Burma Army that we have seized during these days.

8. We will control our troops not to engage in fights, with the utmost care, except unavoidable defensive wars.

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